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IRIS dancewear

Mediterranean seashell necklace

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I collected the Mediterranean seashells used in this design while swimming on the beautiful waters of l'Empordà region, in Catalonia, Spain.

I like to create all sorts of jewelry accessories. Normally I don't plan ahead my designs. I let inspiration guide me when I randomly come across and jewelry parts that I can assemble into beautiful accessories. I collect these parts either in Hong Kong or when I travel in Asia and Europe. I enjoy playing around with them and explore different combinations and styles. This makes them unique as I rarely repeat designs.

IRISdancewear accessories are carefully handmade by me. Small imperfections are part of the non-industrial process. And that's what makes them special to you.

This is a delicate item. Treat it with care. Keep it away of any beauty products such perfume and make up.

ALL prices in USD.

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