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IRIS dancewear

Delicate nest with Japanese flower choker

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I think chokers embody quite a lot of balletic elements; as they offer me the chance to play around with ballet costumes raw materials: ribbons, beats, lace and other embellishments.

I like to create all sorts of jewelry accessories. Normally I don't plan ahead my designs. I let inspiration guide me when I randomly come across and jewelry parts that I can assemble into beautiful accessories. I collect these parts either in Hong Kong or when I travel in Asia and Europe. I enjoy playing around with them and explore different combinations and styles. This makes them unique as I rarely repeat designs.

IRISdancewear accessories are carefully handmade by me. Small imperfections -if any- would be part of the non-industrial process. And that's what makes them special to you.

This is a delicate item. Treat it with care. Keep it away of any beauty products such perfume and make up.

Shipment of jewelry accessories is not available to Mainland China due to restrictions from shipping providers.

ALL prices in USD.

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