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My story


IRISdancewear was born in Hong Kong. That's where the identity and purpose of this project originated.

Dance has been a crucial part of my journey in Beijing and Hong Kong. The two Asian cities where I lived and worked for the past 13 years. Dance has had an impact in the way I lived my life in this continent since I tried my very first ballet class in Beijing a few years ago. Dance has brought new friends and extremely talented people into my life too. I'm grateful!

Likewise, it's been an endless journey of self discovery. Up until  when I tried ballet for the first time, I would think it was too late for me already –too old maybe- and that I should have done it sooner.

Life is, indeed, full of exciting detours and unexpected changes. Recently due to personal and professional reasons I moved back to Europe. IRISdancewear will remain the same. Except that now I'll be designing and sewing from Europe, instead of Asia.  International shipping also remains available.

Dance fascinates me for one simple reason: every dance piece, every dance move, opens the door to a new story, a unique and volatile world that only exists in the moment: when the dancer moves from within. This is to me one of the purest forms of communication. It embodies the development of societies and cultures; and it represents history. The past and the present.

I began to make my own ballet skirts to embrace this individuality of movement that makes dance so special to me. I personally source all the materials that I use. It’s  quite an unpredictable process as I let my inspiration to guide me. I source fabrics and raw materials from here and there. In Hong Kong; or when I travel in Asia or Europe.  I am happy to share my passion for dance with my creations, which are carefully and lovingly handmade by me.

Dance and fashion intertwine constantly in my designs. They influence each other; and borrow from each other. I play around with ribbons, embellishments, lace, types of fabrics and other materials to create my dancewear items and accessories; including some jewelry.

My sew-making passion started when I used to seat down with my mum to upgrade and restyle some of the clothes that she used to wear when she was my age. We had to get creative and find ways to change them so that they would fit my style and size. From there I ventured into doing my own creations. Of course, as I moved forward with my dance training, I enjoyed the feeling of making my own dance skirts.

You may be an adult dance student like me; or a young dance student; a professional dancer; a dance teacher; a friend of a dancer; a dance enthusiast… It really doesn’t matter what your relationship with dance and movement is! Belly dancers, yogis, and movement professionals from very diverse backgrounds showed interest in IRISdancewear's designs as a means of self-expression.

My one-of-a-kind dancewear and ready-to-wear designs embrace the uniqueness and diversity of dance as one of the most captivating and fascinating art forms. Some of my creations may be worn either in the studio or in the street with leggins to add a touch of color. Also, expect to find some unique ready-to-wear designs in my online shop from time to time.

Because I mostly use fabric remnants from local businesses or very small orders, I rarely repeat my designs. On top of that, the dance skirts are essentially unique because they are personalized and made to order with the ribbon of your choice.

Feel free to drop me a line and ask me any questions at:

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Iris Mir