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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to logistical issues I won't be able to ship any purchases until April-May 2018. Any orders placed before this period will be fulfilled once shipment becomes available. If you have any questions please e-mail me:
My sincere apologies and thank you for your understanding.


All IRISdancewear designs are ONE SIZE. Small variations in size are possible as garments are cut and sewn manually.

The length of the ribbon may vary depending on the design.

Please refer to each product’s details for details on  length and measurements variations.

Dance skirts average measurements (in cm):

+Fitted short length dance skirt. Fits XS to M sizes:  Length back: 38cm  / Length front: 28cm / Width: 105cm

+Mid length. Fits sizes from S to L: Width 121 cm / length back: 46cm / length front: 38cm

+Long length dance skirt. Fits S to L sizes: Width: 99cm / length back: 61cm / length front: 41cm

+Long length. Fits L to XL sizes. Width: 121cm / length back: 64cm / length front: 49cm

+Kids dance skirt. Fits kids 5 to 8 years old depending on body type. Width: 79cm / length back: 28cm.

Care instructions:

You’ve acquired a delicate item. So please treat it carefully and with love.

Our jewelry accessories are carefully assembled by hand. Be kind to them as no industrial machine has been used to manufacture them.

Dancewear and apparel care -  Hand wash in cold water with very mild detergent. Do not use a dryer and iron only at a very low heat. We recommend drying flat.

IRISdancewear combines different fabrics and patterns to create our playful designs. We do not guarantee that the fabrics and colors chosen will not bleed or discolor. We won’t accept any return, refund or exchange for any damages caused by this.

Returns and exchanges:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. None of IRISdancewear items can be exchanged, returned or refunded for any reason. IRISdancewear will only make an exception when items are defective or damaged. If you think there’s any fault on your product, contact IRISdancewear as soon as possible by sending an e-mail detailing the problem. Please provide the order number and purchase date if possible.


Please send your e-mail to

We will contact you as soon as we receive your e-mail. Also we may ask you to send us a photo by e-mail before we accept the refund or exchange.

IRISdancewear will not accept any damages caused as a result of use.


If an exchange is accepted: we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to provide the exact same item. IRISdancewear designs are in most of the cases limited editions and therefore the raw materials might be already sold out or unavailable at the time of your complain. If that’s the case, we’ll try our best to provide you with a suitable alternative.

The postage to send the item back to us will be paid by IRISdancewear if the fault of your purchased product is in fact ours.

Items must have not been used or washed; and they must be in the same condition that you received them. They must also be in the original packaging.

Returns and exchange policies do not apply to discount items.

IRISdancewear will not be responsible of any damages during transport /shipping.

If your package is returned to IRISdancewear because the address you provided is incorrect or not found; or because the package was unclaimed IRISdancewear will not resend the package until we received payment for any additional posting fees.

IRISdancewear will only deal with returned products and complaints that comply with our return policies. IRISdancewear has the final say on any dispute.

Postage and shipment:

Some of the items sold by IRISdancewear are made to order. Please allow a period of 2-3 weeks before the item is ready to be shipped. We’ll keep you posted and notify you by e-mail once the item has been shipped.

We want dance enthusiasts around the world to enjoy our designs. If you are not sure if we provide shipment to your country of residence, please e-mail us to:  before you place your order. We'll try our best to find a way to ship to your country. However, we can't guarantee shipment to all the countries.

Free shipping is available on orders above 80USD. However, only shipment through registered Air Mail will be provided in this case.

Delivery companies do not accept jewelry for shipments to Mainland China. This is beyond IRISdancewear control; and therefore we will only ship clothing items to Mainland China.

By placing an order from Mainland China you agree that IRISdancewear won't be responsible of any dealing with Chinese customs. Nor if the shipment is rejected or withhold by relevant authorities.

Do make sure to provide the correct address and that someone will be available to pick up your package if you are not. IRISdancewear won’t be responsible of any package loss or damage. If your package is returned to IRISdancewear because the address you provided is incorrect or not found; or because the package was unclaimed, IRISdancewear will not resend the package until we receive payment for any additional posting fees.

If / when any postage issue is caused by a mistake on our side, we will take care of any extra postage fee to resend the package.



IRISdancewear will not be responsible for any exchange fees required by your bank or any other intermediary.


The prices listed on our site do not include any local taxes. By proceeding with an order you agree to fulfill any local taxes required by your country of residence. IRISdancewear won’t be responsible for any local taxes that may be applied by the country of receipt of your order.

Prices for our products are subject to change without notice.

We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time.

Back ordered items and special requests:

If for some reason we are unable to fulfill your order, we will contact directly to discuss the situation and offer you an alternative if that’s the case.

IRISdancewear does not accept any special requests in terms of adjustments or any other variations. In the case of the DIY dance skirts in particular, only the choices and combinations of fabrics and ribbons provided by us will be accepted.