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Triadic ballet Masterclass

Bauhaus Bayerisches Staatsballett II Masterclass Triadic Ballet

It was am absolute privilege having the chance to take part in a special masterclass on the Triadic Ballet. Led by Artistic director Ivan Liska and ballet mistress Colleen Scott, we learned the basic principles of choreographic movements behind the iconic Triadic Ballet. Some of the dancers Bayerisches Staatsballett II: Sinthia Liz, Michela Zanzottera, Bianca Teixeria and Benjamin Balaz, joined us in the studio and guided us through the steps. 

The Triadic Ballet was created in the 1920s by Oskar Schlemmer. It is considered a masterpiece for its innovative approach to movement and volume in ballet.

Triadic ballet masterclass

(Dancers Bianca Teixeria and Benjamin Balazs receiving feedback from Ballet Mistress Colleen Scott).

Triadic ballet masterclass

(With Triadic Ballet Artistic Director Ivan Liska).

Triadic ballet masterclass

(With dancers Bianca Teixeria and Benjamin Balazs)


Photos ©IRISdancewear.

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