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One-of-a-kind dance-inspired designs handmade in Hong Kong

IRISdancewear brings a revolutionary approach to dancewear and casualwear. Using my personal relationship with dance as a source of inspiration, I create one-of-a-kind designs that bring the magic of dance closer to people’s lives.


You may be an adult dance student like me or a young dance student; a professional dancer; a dance teacher; a friend of a dancer; a dance enthusiast… It really doesn’t matter what your relationship with dance is! My one-of-a-kind designs embrace the uniqueness and diversity of dance as one of the most captivating and fascinating art forms. I personally source all the materials that I use. It’s quite an unpredictable process as I let my inspiration to guide me. I source my materials in Hong Kong; and when I travel in Asia or Europe. I am happy to share my passion for dance with my creations, which are carefully and lovingly handmade by me.

Because I mostly use fabric remnants from local businesses or very small orders, I rarely repeat my dance skirt designs. They are essentially unique! And you can make them even more special with the ribbon of your choice.

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